Coaching Testimonials

“There is no doubt that one of the best investments I have made in my business has been having Barbara assist me in developing my keynote presentation. Barbara’s talent, wisdom, and expertise helped me to craft my message and creatively pull out the most important information, as well as the most impacting and memorable stories. After only two days of working with Barbara, my presentation withholds structure, strong supporting stories, and the beginning of a plan to put my new line of business into action. I would highly recommend working with Barbara Glanz.”

Laurie Flasko, President
Laurie Flasko & Associates, Inc.
Niagara Falls, ONT, Canada


“Barbara is one of those rare people who can not only give a phenomenal presentation, but coach others to dramatically improve as well. I hired her to help me improve my signature keynote. She helped me immediately make changes that have led to a much improved presentation. Among other things, I will use more stories, better stories, and speak from the heart more because of Barbara. I highly recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to become a better speaker.”

Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer,
Portland, OR


“Thank you for spending time with me helping me to organize my thoughts and plans this week.  I am so encouraged after spending time with you to fulfill my dreams.  I know that our time together is the beginning of the next phase of my life that will be the springboard for me to create distinction in my business.  Your expertise and knowledge is amazing and it is truly a privilege to work with you.”

Dr. April Jasper, OD, FAAO
Owner, Advanced Eyecare Specialists
West Palm Beach, FL


“Barbara Glanz is a veracious professional that I admire tremendously! She has been an incredible resource and mentor to me over the part year, and her coaching and insights have been transformational for my business and my life. She has opened my eyes to so many things in creating my brand and improving my speeches.  For instance, Barbara identified and suggested changes to a presentation I was about to completely trash. Now, it is the best one I have!  She is insightful, patient, and easy to work with, incredibly encouraging, authentic and enthusiastic about making others successful. She has helped me improve my stories, my business, and more importantly my audience experience.”

Michelle Howison, President,
Extraordinary Dynamics, LLC,
Friendswood, TX


“Having heard Barbara speak several times, and visiting with her personally, it felt only natural to seek out her advice and counsel, coaching if you will, on my own personal development.  When we sat down together, my mind was so full of ideas and opportunities, all pulling me in different directions, that it seemed impossible to determine where I should be directing my energies.  I was suffering from a sort of professional paralysis; wrestling with so many possibilities, yet doing nothing to my full capabilities.  Barbara helped me to identify the key core elements of what I wanted to achieve and brought crystal clarity to what I should be doing to maximize my efforts.  She helped clear away the clutter, prioritize, and left me focused and heading in the right direction.  We developed a quick and effective action plan that will take me straight to my destination.  It was never about what she wanted, but always looking after my best interests, even when I myself didn’t realize what those interests were.  I am so blessed to call Barbara my friend and mentor!”

Dr. Mark Wade,
Manager of Human Resources,
Safety & Compliance, Evans Properties, Inc.


Dear Barbara,

I arrived stuck – a place in the book writing experience where I didn’t know what to do next. Just writing more wasn’t working for me. So….I arrived in Sarasota. I was welcomed into your beautiful home. I received your warmth and encouragement. Then Coach Barbara nudged her way into my purpose and got us (especially me) to work!!

I so appreciate your coaching expertise and abilities.

You first listened to the threefold purpose of the book and the definition of the reading audience.

  1. Then you took time to read through selected sections to understand my writing style and the content.
  2. Most importantly you gave a boost to my confidence and value. You said, “This is really good. This book is really good. It will make such a positive contribution. We can work on the
    ‘how’ and the rest during the next few days. This is doable! And by the time you leave, you’ll have much done and defined next steps.” Wow!
  3. Then you offered specific examples of options and provided next step action and resources.
  4. You also took my most frustrating section of text and by tweaks and formatting, you made it readable and fun.
  5. All while providing me a beautiful place to work, your home on the beach.

Now I feel empowered to complete this project, energized by your continual offer of support and renewed knowing you are on my team!

And so I close by saying…for those who find themselves stuck… in need of a broader vision, a narrowing of focus, a source of options to continue….Barbara’s coaching makes a difference. For those who need new ideas and workable solutions….Barbara’s coaching makes a difference. For those who need encouragement and a kick in the butt…Barbara’s coaching makes a difference. I know because I am one who received the gift of her expertise.

Thank you,


Jolene Brown
Professional Speaker, Author
Family Business Consultant
West Branch, IA

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