Priceless Gifts:
Using What God’s Given You to Bless Others



PRICELESS GIFTS—Using what God’s Given You to Bless Others is an inspirational book about the joys of Giving and Receiving. It will touch your heart with dozens of real life, positive, low-cost or no-cost, immediately actionable ideas of things people have done for one another. This practical and useful book will help you to find many more simple, creative ways you can make a difference every day.

Because of the stress and fast pace of people’s lives and the heartrending incidents that are happening in our world today, readers need short, easy-to-read messages of hope and immediately implementable ideas they can apply in their own lives to help create a more positive, caring world. PRICELESS GIFTS—Using What God’s Given You to Bless Others does just that.

In this inspirational book Barbara Glanz helps people to focus on POSITIVE experiences and particularly to become aware of the many small gifts of caring they receive each day. As they become more aware of receiving these gifts, they will be encouraged to give gifts of their own, not random acts of kindness but intentional acts of caring.

With chapters such as “Treasure Gifts,” “Memorial Gifts,” “Anonymous Gifts,” “Labors of Love,” “The Gift of Words,” “Pass-It-Along Gifts,” “Humorous Gifts,” “Romantic Gifts,” and “Little Things Mean a Lot,” the author shares heartwarming examples of things people from all over the world are doing to use their gifts to encourage others.

This book is about people who are choosing to give to others, making a conscious effort to make a difference in someone’s life. Through the stories of other’s giving, readers will be inspired to find creative, intentional ways they, too, can surprise and delight the people around them. And, as a result, they will be making a positive difference in this world.

‘”Priceless Gifts” is chock full of wisdom, stories and ideas with inclusion of 19 actual categories of gifting. Giving of ourselves is almost a “lost art” in this high-tech world at the high-stress pace we’re living it. When care and concern are profoundly needed to showgratitude, this book is a treasure trove with many gems in it. You’ll impact the heart and change a life using this knowledge even though you may not ever know the exact effect. You’ve done it again, Barbara Glanz!’

Jane Toombs
Executive Director
CEO Council of Tampa Bay

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