Building Customer Loyalty How YOU Can Help Keep Customers Returning.



New Revised Edition!

7” x 9“, P.112

Research shows that it costs at least five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. Therefore, it is essential for organizations to understand what they can do to build customer loyalty and retain their very important customers.

Building Customer Loyalty – How YOU Can Help Keep Customers Returning focuses on simple concepts and ideas to help each individual in an organization understand his or her critically important role in every one-on-one customer interaction. The book provides tips and techniques for offering extraordinary service to both internal and external customers and helps each person learn to create positive memorable customer experiences, build lasting customer relationships, attract new customers while keeping the current ones, and have FUN doing it.

This book is meant to be used actively. There are questions to answer, eye-opening stories to stimulate ideas, and exercises that can be used individually or as a team. Best of all, you will learn how to treat each customer as an individual and have them leave feeling better because they interacted with you and your organization. Then, they will want to come back again and again!

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