Ideas: Create a “Just Because . . .” Committee

This idea is from Barbara’s book “CARE Packages for the Workplace–Dozens of Ways to Regenerate Spirit Where at Work” (McGraw-Hill) 


Create a volunteer committee from across departments, perhaps spearheaded by someone in HR, to plan special events to appreciate your employees.


Diane Hawkins of Rockwell International in Downers, Grove, Illinois, chairs this committee in her workplace. They plan special events for the employees about every other month. Here are some of the things they have done:

  • All employees were invited during the lunch hour to come for hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats in the parking lot. Grills were set up, and people could even bring their small children.
  • On St. Patrick’s Day they created a huge “Pot of Gold” with chocolate candy coins in gold foil. They held a contest for the employees to guess the correct number of coins, and the winner got to have the pot!
  • For “Beat the Winter Blues,” the committee sponsored a Yahtzee competition in the lunchroom with prizes.
  • On Valentine’s Day they put a chocolate heart on each employee’s desk with a card that said, “Just because . . .”
  • At Christmas they adopt families and collect used clothing and gifts. In conjunction with this they hold a “Reading Is Fun” day when a vendor comes in to sell books, and 5% of the proceeds go to the family Christmas fund.
  • Also at Christmas they send a Rockwell calendar and candy to the home of each employee.
  • On Halloween they have a party with chili and caramel apples. As favors, the committee took hand baggies (used in restaurants for those making sandwiches and handling food) and filled them with pop corn, tied with an orange ribbon at the bottom. They glued a candy corn for each of the finger nails, and an added enhancement was a spider ring on one of the fingers! ((NOTE: Include picture or drawing here))
  • During a “Summer Celebration” they purchased all kinds of ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, etc. Then they had raffles for beachballs, frisbees, lawn chairs, small grills, coolers, and sunglasses.
  • One month they had a Spanish theme at lunch with pinatas and a “make your own taco” party.


Let employees plan these events, and try to get as many departments as possible on the committee to ensure buy-in. Give them a budget for the year, and then let their creativity blossom! Not only will they learn lots about event planning, but you will also have a much happier and therefore more productive workplace.

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A member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame and one of fewer than 700 Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide, Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations to improve morale, retention and service and with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives. She is the first speaker on record to have spoken on all 7 continents and in all 50 states. Known as "the business speaker who speaks to your heart as well as to your head," Barbara is the author of twelve books including The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®, CARE Packages for the Workplace, and 180 Ways to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm™. Voted "best keynote presenter you have heard or used" by Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Barbara uses her Master’s degree in Adult Learning to design programs that cause behavior change. She lives and breathes her personal motto: “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm™” and can be reached at and

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