Ideas: 21 Ideas to Create a More Positive, Productive, and FUN Workplace!

These ideas were presented by Barbara at the 2015 National Society for Human Resource Management Conference in Las Vegas June 30 on the Smart Stage.

C = Creative Communication


  • Start meetings with 3 minutes of “Good News”
  • Design creative signs
  • Put a surprise in your mailings
  • Build a “Human Level” database
  • Spice up your memos and humanize emails
  • Design a creative fax cover sheet

A = Atmosphere


  • Create a “whine” cellar
  • Burn the barriers
  • Have a “family life” bulletin board
  • Place a shbowl of cartoons and jokes in reception area • Personalize your workspace
  • Make your hallways inspiring

A = Appreciation For All


  • Senior Management cook breakfast or wash employees’ cars
  • Call their mothers
  • Surprise employees with treats
  • Name a hallway/room/food after someone
  • Get a “Red Plate” for your office
  • Keep one another’s emotional bank account full
  • Use the names of candy to send fun messages

R = Respect


  • Create a “code of conduct” for your organization • Have brown bag lunches with management
  • Have a family day at work
  • Begin “Grapevine” meetings
  • Give every employee a business card
  • Trade jobs with someone in the organization for a half day

R = Reason for Being


  • Add a personal signature to your work
  • Adopt the idea of “mis-takes”
  • Write a song or poem about a company hero or legend • Write a personal mission statement
  • Celebrate the organization’s mission and vision
  • Have a scavenger hunt for new employees

E = Empathy


  • Build something for the community • Hold ethnic food lunches
  • Hire moms
  • Let your employees be customers
  • Begin a “Kindness Campaign”
  • Share vacation time

E = Enthusiasm


  • Have a “File Clean-Out” Day
  • Make every Friday a special day
  • Begin a company choir or band
  • Select a company mascot
  • Have brown bag “sharing” lunches
  • Have a party for an internal department which serves you

Barbara Glanz Biography

A member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame and one of fewer than 700 Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide, Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations to improve morale, retention and service and with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives. She is the first speaker on record to have spoken on all 7 continents and in all 50 states. Known as "the business speaker who speaks to your heart as well as to your head," Barbara is the author of twelve books including The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®, CARE Packages for the Workplace, and 180 Ways to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm™. Voted "best keynote presenter you have heard or used" by Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Barbara uses her Master’s degree in Adult Learning to design programs that cause behavior change. She lives and breathes her personal motto: “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm™” and can be reached at and

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