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Please know how much we appreciated your retail workshops on "Building Customer Loyalty." You have inspired not only sales associates, managers, and owners of stores, but also Regency Square's office, security, and maintenance staffs. Your emphasis on caring for customers on a human level increases retail profits and sales associate productivity and both of these increase the profits and value for a shopping center.

Nina Polm, CMD , Michael Sullivan, CSM , Regency Square Shopping Center

Johnny the Bagger

The speaker who inspired “Johnny the Bagger” to make a difference

Johnny the Bagger®

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* Barbara is the only female to score in the top ten speakers at the 2006 Society for Human Resource Management National Convention! *

Since 1998, Barbara Glanz has scored among the Top Ten presenters at the SHRM Annual Conference.  This is a significant accomplishment in light of the fact that over 150 speakers participate in this, our largest conference.  Many have strived for years to achieve this ranking.  I believe that Barbara was able to accomplish this not only due to her outstanding speaking skills, but also her warmth and ability to know what the audience wants and needs.  This ability to connect with the audience is a rare gift- - one that separates the truly effective speakers from the average performers.

Barbara Sadek, Director of Education Society for Human Resource Management

Barbara is one of the best speakers we have ever worked with, and we would highly recommend her for any size group.  She takes the time to get to know her target audience and any difficulties they may be experiencing, crafting her message accordingly.  Barbara leaves her audiences energized and feeling good about themselves, knowing that they can make a significant difference.

Peter Howard, President and CEO The Florida Center

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Barbara inducted into CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame!


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What can Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE, do for your organization?

What can Barbara do for yuor organization?

Is your organization experiencing overwhelming change, high employee turnover and low morale, increases in customer complaints, or burnout from having to do more with less?  Are your employees struggling to find a balance between their work and home lives or do they simply need a boost of positive energy?  If so, Barbara Glanz can help you!  Clients say her exciting, motivational, action-oriented presentations have given their employees a new sense of direction, understanding, and hope.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope we will have a chance to make a difference in your workplace by helping you raise morale, improve retention, build customer and employee loyalty, boost productivity, and as a result, create a workplace of respect, caring, and joy.  Remember, you will never get employees to treat customers better than they are being treated themselves!


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