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The day after your presentation I was out in the Detroit metropolitan area running errands and doing some last minute holiday shopping. As a result of the contagious enthusiasm that you spread the prior day, I made it a point to go out of my way to make conversation with others in the attempt to have each of us go our separate ways having been made a better person because of our encounter! I ended up having the most delightful day and met a lot of interesting people. Most conversations lasted only a few seconds as we passed in the grocery aisle. One lively conversation lasted over ten minutes as we waited in line at a crowded department store. Each and every contact I had was happy and upbeat as we "shared good news!" And we all have you to thank for sharing your ideas and enthusiasm!"

Ruth E. Hoover, Retail Sales Manager, Comerical Bank

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Barbara's inspirational stories of service and simple models for caring communication have touched us all at Kaiser Permanente. She has reminded us of the healing powers of thoughtful, heartfelt interactions that will continue to transform the spirit of service at our facility. Barbara's message, when applied, is one of the best forms of preventative medicine.

Kimberly Walker, Customer Service Executive, Kaiser Permanente


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I found your message to be insightful, enjoyable, and very applicable to my field… boosting morale and improving service is incredibly important and challenging in the field of education.

Shawn C. Petretti,
Mattituck Jr.-Sr. High School

[You] have added the gasoline to the fire of life at Asia Pacific HRM Congress, Mumbai, India!

Hemang Desai,
Dy. Head, Human Resources,
Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Gandhinagar, India

Your presentation has made a lasting impression on our staff. Yesterday one of our personal bankers showed me her new ‘personal signature’ that she uses with clients.

Larry J. Helling,
President & CEO,
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Your message played a key part in the success of our annual meeting. You received multiple raving reviews.

Jill Crandall,
Crystal Cabinets

…inspiring and right on target! Thank you… for using your wonderful gift of storytelling and for allowing your enthusiasm and passion to serve as a motivator for others.

Nan Priest,
St. Vincent’s Health System

A simply wonderful blend of humor, heart and ‘helpful hints’… Your enthusiasm is indeed contagious.

Charles Cordaro,
St. Luke’s Management Conference

Thank you for energizing me, and I’m sure- that large room full of do-gooders and helpful souls.

Barbara Schopp,
Kiwanis Club of Mansfield, Ohio

The entire organization feels lifted by your words and warmth. You genuinely made deposits to many of our emotional bank accounts.

Heather Hickland,
HR Manager, CDPHP

I was so truly inspired by your presentation that I was convinced I was going to implement some of your ideas.

Maggie Daniels,
Compliance Program Coordinator,
Technical Services,
Southwest Florida Water Management District

You’ve set our expectations high and you always meet them, delivering an inspiring and entertaining message, challenging our managers to become leaders for our organization.

Simone Lagomarsino,
President and CEO,
Kinecta Federal Credit Union

I always enjoy Barbara. We have already secured her for our State Conference. I saw her at National too!

Society for Human Resource Management Leadership Development Conference 2007

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