Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier. ~ Mother Teresa

As we become more technologically advanced, busier. and more stressed than ever before, we often don’t even see the opportunities around us every day to be kind. Our workplaces, our cities, and our homes are in desperate need of more simple kindness and caring.

Can you imagine a world in which everyone is kind to everyone else? Think about the last kind thing someone did for you and then think about the last kind thing you did for someone else. What difference did that act make in each of your lives?

Ten easy creative ways to show kindness to others:

  1. Make a short visit or take a small plant to an elderly neighbor, retired employee, widow, or person in your church or community who is alone.
  2. Watch for your mailman, custodian or garbage collector and offer them a cold (or hot) drink.
  3. Ask to speak to the manager of a store about an employee who has done a good job.
  4. See if you can make eye contact and smile at everyone as you go down the hall or the street.
  5. Graciously thank people who are cleaning the streets, the restrooms, and the offices in your community.
  6. Buy a co-worker or any person in uniform a cup of coffee as a “thank you.”
  7. Offer to help young mothers with children by holding doors, carrying packages or groceries, or entertaining the children for a moment.
  8. Quietly slip some money into the pocket of a friend or co-worker who needs it.
  9. Ask to take a picture of the couple or the whole group when you see someone taking a photo of others.
  10. Call a fellow employee or person whom you know has been sick just to see how they are.

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