4 responses to “Barbara’s acceptance speech video”

  1. Kim says:

    You are soooo inspirational! First of all, you look REAL, you act real, and you love with a true heart. WOW. I just want to read everything you’ve written and start my mission today. Thank you so much for extending your love – it’s powerful even through youtube.
    God Bless You

  2. Barbara, liar, liar CPAE on fire! Yesterday on the way to the TPA airport you told me it would only take five minutes to watch your acceptance speech. It took me twenty-four minutes. First of all, it ran eight minutes and secondly I had to watch it three times. It was that good.
    How could I be so blessed and you so un-blessed that we became good Siesta Key beach buddies?
    Actually I do question your judgement at times–still warm and sunny here, Jan. 19th, how is it in Portland? The lettuce you gave me was wilted, so I took it to the Manatees at Mote Marine Aquarium. Safe travels. For the fifth time, thanks for being so generous with your authorship/publishing coaching! Bob Kramer

  3. I forgot to put the letters after my name.
    Robert Kramer, CSPU Cincinnati Speaking Professional Uncertified …and I think your speech should get top billing on your blog.

  4. Joan Fox says:

    What a gift you are! I regret I was unable to witness your speech personally but am thankful to see and hear your inspirational words on your website. There is no one like Barbara Glanz.

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