Candy Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Candy Quiz:

1. A famous swashbuckling trip of old:
Three Musketeers
2. Indian burial ground:
3. Galaxy:
Milky Way
4. Red planet:
Mars Bar
5. Home of the movie stars:
6. Not laughing out loud:
7. Someone who drops things:
Butter Fingers
8. Famous author:
O. Henry
9. Famous baseball player:
Baby Ruth
10. Famous New York street:
Fifth Avenue
11. Twin letters:
12. Superman’s other identity:
Clark Bar
13. A sweet sign of affection:
Hershey Kisses
14. Favorite day for working people:
15. What bees make:
Bit O’ Honey
16. Nut happiness:
Almond Joy
17. Pleasingly plump:
18. Two female pronouns:
Hershey Bar
19. A feline:
Kit Kat
20. Single women look out for him:
Sugar Daddy
21. Round flotation device:
22. Sun explosion:
23. Bite with crackling noise:
Nestle’s Crunch
24. Dry cow:
Milk Duds
25. Children of the cane:
Sugar Babies
26. Two minus two equals:

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2 responses to “Candy Quiz Answers”

  1. WhoHoy! says:

    Thanks, 100 more points added to my grade

  2. Happyperson! says:

    thanks I got extra credit yupps

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